Leo Nissola, M.D., is a physician and scientist whose work focuses on understanding and fighting advanced-stage cancers with the immune system. He is known for designing innovative clinical trials and working relentlessly to design data-driven models to address the COVID-19 pandemic in The United States.

Dr. Leo Nissola authored several scientific papers, and developed clinical trials for cancer patients in the United States. He is a featured Medical Contributor to television networks, and cited by high-tier publications and trusted print outlets. He is a former Medical Oncology Fellow at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. 

He is heavily involved in the COVID-19 pandemic response, advising as a Medical Expert to United States Elected Officials and Health Authorities. Dr. Leo Nissola is an aggressive advocate for data transparency, and for the expansion of health care access. He served as a Medical Advisor to  COVID Act Now and the National Convalescence Plasma Project

He is a Cancer Immunotherapy Scientist and drug developer. He has led, designed, and initiated multiple clinical trials for cancer patients in the United States

His focus as a scientist is on checkpoint inhibitors and the mechanisms of immune resistance to immunotherapy. Those drugs block proteins called checkpoints made by some types of immune system cells, such as T cells and some cancer cells. They help keep immune responses from being too strong and sometimes keep T cells from killing cancer cells. His scientific heart is on finding innovative ways to fight cancer and overcome adaptive immune resistance after therapy with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

He is a Published Book Author in Immunology. For over a decade, Dr. Leo Nissola researches and studies Lupus. This autoimmune disorder affects over 5 million people worldwide. Lupus occurs when the immune system attacks the body's tissues and causes inflammation in many organs. Dr. Leo Nissola's book on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is used by Medical Schools across the globe.

Leo Nissola, MD, is a frequent Medical Contributor to high-tier television networks and broadcast programs, like CBS News and Fox News.  Dr. Leo Nissola is widely published in leading international media outlets like USA Today, The Boston Globe, and The Telegraph U.K.; his opinion pieces and bylines are featured on USA Today, Tallahassee Democrat, Yahoo!, msn.com,  and several other trusted media outlets. 

As a clinician, Dr. Leo Nissola trained in surgical oncology, medical oncology, and worked at the forefront of patient care. 

Dr. Leo Nissola is passionate about social medicine, serving impoverished communities in South America and Eastern Europe, helping patients suffering from infectious diseases like HIV, Tuberculosis, and the highly pathogenic H1N1. Throughout the last influenza (H1N1) epidemic, Dr. Leo Nissola served as a clinician and developed protocols and Hospital guidelines to ensure patient safety and appropriate care.

Dr. Leo Nissola's main research areas are cancer, immunotherapy, COVID-19, Lupus, and other autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiencies.

Leo Nissola, M.D., is multilingual and is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. 

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