Dr. Nissola has designed, authored and conducted Phase I and II clinical programs, taking impossible ideas and thought-provoking breakthrough science into clinical development plans —leading complex, adaptive, multi-stage, and platform studies for oncology and immunotherapy in the United States.

His clinical studies evaluated experimental cancer treatments, novel drug combinations, molecules, and DNA-based vaccines in leading academic institutions in the United States through his work at The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy and fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Dr. Nissola’s studies evaluated human health, clinical data, and the safety risks associated with drugs, devices, and biological materials.
Dr. Nissola has been endorsed by Nobel Prize Laureates and is frequently featured as a medical expert on BBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and other networks.

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Dr. Nissola built, evaluated, and designed data-driven COVID-19 epidemiological models, some of which were featured by the White House in Press Briefings.He is a former University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Medical Oncology Research Fellow and has previously led multi-billion-dollar drug assets at leading biotechnology and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Nissola is a first-generation American immigrant from Brazil. He is a former intern at the prestigious First Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, founded in 1348, the oldest medical faculty in Central Europe and the 11th oldest medical institution in the world, regularly ranked in the top 1% of medical faculties globally. This fellowship has never been awarded to any other Brazilian national in history. He is a twice-published book author and an advocate for inclusive public health policies and ending LGBTQ conversion therapy experiments.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of State of the Virus News, the author of The Immunity Solution book at W.W. Norton and a Life Sciences Advisor.