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The Future of Drug Discovery

COVID changed everything. From drug design to accelerated approvals. In this talk, Dr. Leo Nissola shares his analysis of the breakthroughs medical science experienced in the past years and how to push the field of research and development forward. Unmet medical needs require special attention and bold novel approaches.


Clinical Trial Diversity and Social Determinants of Health

New research shows a stark reality. Patients receiving care in low-income areas can have poorer health outcomes, suggesting that social determinants of health can influence clinical trial results.

Inscribing social determinants of health into clinical trials may help to improve overall data accuracy. Diversity in trial design and implementation is still at a slow pace, but the bottlenecks go far and beyond inclusion and exclusion criteria. In this talk, Dr. Leo Nissola highlights the potential benefits of involving more social data points and investigating demographic variables when reviewing raw clinical data for trial analysis.


COVID-19: Preparedness, Public Service and Lessons from the Pandemic

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Leo Nissola employs clinical science, high dimension data analytics, and immunology to improve public health preparedness and response. Covid Act Now selected him to help design and evaluate data-driven epidemiological models to address the COVID-19 pandemic in America, which the White House Coronavirus Task Force presented in press briefings. He has advised various state legislators on pandemic response. Dr. Leo Nissola frequently appears as a medical expert on American Voices on MSNBC, CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin, BBC World News, Fox Business, NBC News, and for the past year, weekly on CBS News. Dr. Nissola helped shape public health decisions with accurate, apolitical medical analysis on business and school reopenings, testing policy, and safety precautions. In this talk, Dr. Nissola describes lessons learned from the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic and provides science-backed predictions on how to move into a new phase of post-pandemic reality with safety and confidence. 


Medical Innovation Beyond Drugs

Wearable devices are part of our daily life. During the COVID pandemic, remote monitoring medical devices became a crucial component of healthcare and it's time to incorporate them in the drug development process and in post-market drug studies. Health care providers are using wearables and new technology to monitor patients remotely. In this talk, Dr. Nissola highlights novel wearable technologies that enable the continuous monitoring of human physical activities, physiological and biochemical parameters in real-time.


THE Future of Cancer Treatments Beyond Chemotherapy

Cancer breakthroughs are happening every day. Precision medicine offers patients customized care based on their genes and history, but where is the field of cancer therapies moving? In this hopeful, passionate, and inspiring talk, Dr. Nissola takes a look at five promising advances that are transforming the way we think about cancer. He highlights the reasons to be hopeful about the future of therapies to end cancer and demonstrates how new therapies such as epigenetic, immune, cellular, and gene therapies combined may bring about breakthroughs for unmet medical needs.