Seven Weeks to Living Healthier and Longer based on science

The immune system is the most significant factor in determining how well you live. Dr. Nissola has been honored to learn and work alongside the brightest minds in medicine and science for many years, endorsed by Nobel Prize Laureates and the media. Now, people at home can have access to the latest science in health and understand what scientists, oncologists, and immunologists do to lead a healthy life and protect their defenses based on rigorous scientific research.

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Medical textbook for Medical Doctors, Interns and Students

In this medical textbook, Dr. Nissola and colleagues explain the complexities of autoimmunity diagnosis, treatments, and guidelines based on their research. The first edition of Dr. Nissola's Lupus Book was released by Kiron Publishing in 2013, and almost immediately after its release, it established itself as the preeminent medical textbook for rheumatologists and physicians.

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