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Dr. Leo believes that physicians can use their knowledge and expertise to help improve the Nation’s health, and he often shares his view on Public Health, Research, and Preventive Medicine.

Dr. Nissola presents Clinical Trial in Progress for Prostate Cancer

Dr. Nissola: "We need to bring the same urgency and adrenaline with which we’re approaching a Covid-19 treatment to other terminal illnesses like cancer and ALS."

Dr. Nissola: "It is clear that this health crisis has caused damage in minority communities and poverty-dense counties."

Dr. Nissola on why a return to normal after COVID-19 isn't enough.

Dr. Nissola: “We need to make sure we are prepared in our community in case of COVID-19 hits at the same strength in which it hit in Italy."

Dr. Nissola warns: "Many counties in the country do not have ICU beds and the number of the population at risk or vulnerable it is pretty large.”

Dr. Nissola: "California is not seeing an overload in the healthcare services because officials took decisive actions early on."

Dr. Nissola rings the alarm: "This COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything we’ve seen, and it does require new, bold, and aggressive policy solutions."

Dr. Nissola warns: "In times of a pandemic, we should take precautions and aim to save as many lives as possible,"

Dr. Nissola affirms: "One thing we can be sure of is that early shelter-in-place orders in California actually worked."

Dr. Nissola warns: "Rural communities might not ever see rates of COVID-19 as high as New York City, but we should be concerned about their underlying vulnerabilities."